About Our Linovate Event

 With our passion, knowledge, creative flair and inspiration, we are dedicated in helping you to achieve your conference or special event within your budget.
More and more events, from tech conferences to festivals to product launches, are going hybrid in light of the last year. Instead of bringing hundreds or thousands of people to one physical place, event producers and planners are offering both online and offline options and keeping all attendees connected through a remote experience.

Provide Best Services


Whether your event is designed for 20 attendees or 10,000, a video broadcast may be your best option (for more reasons than you'd think!). Live streaming helps attendees feel they are "in the know" while allowing brands to keep their products top of mind.


Linovate uses only the best full-concert D&B Audiotechnik system with the most experienced technicians. A full range of microphones, consoles, band and DJ equipment plus monitors are also available.


From elegant ballroom lighting to a full concert/electronic dance party light show, Linovate uses sleek, state of the art, energy-efficient lighting gear with effects that go from subtle to spectacular.


Linovate can create new, self-contained temporary structures. Motorized truss systems, self-climbing roof systems, modular staging, catwalks, podiums, etc. We also provide event power distribution and generation.


The seamless integration of lighting, sound and video to create event experiences which are second to none.


Our experienced digital producers will assist you with these services: Pre-production (concepting, delivery, and scheduling), Production (recording, lighting, and sound), Photography Media consultation (best practices and technical advice)

Video Sound And Light Event Production In UAE

Linovate Productions produces some of the best events in New Dubai – UAE and the surrounding area. With years of experience in video, sound, and light productions, we create some truly one-of-a-kind events. Linovate Productions produces everything from corporate events to dance parties and concerts. No matter how large or small the occasion, or how unique the venue, we work to make it the best that it can be. We’re certain that we’ll be your event production company of choice.
Together, we’ll create the most talked about event in the city. Whether you only want video or sound and lighting productions, we’ll accommodate your wishes. But for those who want it all, we also offer the full Linovate Experience. No matter what you choose, you can count on Linovate Productions as your next event production company.