What is HR analytics?

HR analytics – also known as people analytics, is all about helping your HR department to manage your people in a more efficient way

It uses your people-data such as payroll and absence management, and business information such as operational performance data, to reveal the solutions to common business problems

HR analytics can empower decision-makers like you by giving you the insights you need to understand your business better

HR analytics helps your business answer the important questions

What qualities make up a productive team?

What does a successful leader look like?

What ROI is gained from training and development?

Who’s likely to still be in the organisation by this time next year and who is likely to leave?

What characteristics do top-performing employees have?

Explore our HR and people data solutions

Business intelligence tools for HR

Any form of manual reporting and analysis is time-consuming. Business intelligence (BI) tools such as Microsoft Power BI and SAP BusinessObjects can help to automate your reporting, visualise your data and streamline analysis

iTrent People Analytics Platform

Too often people data is locked into an HR and payroll system with no easy way of using it to realise any strategic insight. iTrent People Analytics Platform is a single, instantly deployable model that provides powerful, self-service analytics

Download the people data research

Our latest infographic and research report exposes how most organisations are failing to make the best use of their people data, causing issues with productivity, efficiency, and well-being. Download the report to learn more about how to effectively use your people data.

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